Ray Gardner Tussle 10,12,14(A)

The Green Bay Area Youth Hockey Association is excited to welcome your team to the 2023 Ray Gardner Tundra Tussle A Tournament! The tournament will be held Saturday December 9th through Sunday, December 10th. 

Please remind your parents of the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy they signed when they registered for USA Hockey. This will help maintain a positive environment for all our players. Out of respect for our parent volunteers, parents are not to approach the Tournament Coordinator or our Parent Volunteers with complaints- only Coaches or Team Managers should bring concerns to the Tournament Coordinator. Lastly, please remember as Tournament Director/Coordinator we cannot predict or control injuries, poor officiating or poor sportsmanship.  

We wish you all the best of luck and safe traveling to Green Bay. We look forward to your team’s arrival.

We look forward to a great weekend of youth hockey!

Raffle Baskets

In between games don’t forget to check out our basket raffle in the upstairs lobby. Bring your cash and get a chance to win some amazing prizes. Follow Green Bay Area Youth Hockey on social media for a preview!


Check-in, locker room keys, score sheets

When you arrive at the CCC, the Team Manager or Coach can check in at the registration desk in our Upper Lobby. You will receive your locker room assignment at that time. Please leave all valuables in your vehicle during the game. At the registration desk please leave roster stickers for all your games, a total of 16 stickers. Copies of score sheets will be made available after each game at the registration table. It will be your responsibility to pick up your copy. Please have your team book including your approved Official USA Hockey Roster at each game. 

Tournament Info


Games will be played at the Cornerstone Community Center (CCC) located at 1640 Fernando Drive, De Pere, WI 54115 and De Pere Ice Arena located at 1450 Fort Howard Ave. De Pere, WI 54115. Cornerstone has 3 sheets of ice Hilliard/Weyers Arena- Rink 1 (NHL size), Schneider Arena- Rink 2 (NHL size) and The Resch Olympic Pavilion- Rink 3 (Olympic size). All rinks have full locker room facilities.

Home team to wear light color jersey

Each team must provide ONE person to work their own penalty box throughout the tournament.  

Locker Rooms


At CCC these are posted at the Upper Lobby Concession Stand, at the Lower Level Locker Room Bulletin Board and at the Resch Pavilion Entrance.


Concessions are located in the Upper Lobby at CCC with snacks, drinks and meals available for purchase.

Newly opened Blue Line next to the Pro Shop is now open. The Blue Line provides; Fresh Sandwiches, Pizza, Soup and much more!


Standings will be posted throughout CCC. Results will be updated following the last game of each round.



The Penalty Box pro shop is located on the lower level of CCC by the The Resch Olympic Pavilion- Rink 3 and includes equipment and gift items as well as necessities such as tape and laces. There is also skate sharpening on-site in the pro shop.


We would greatly appreciate your team’s assistance in keeping our facility clean.  After the game is completed, players and coaches are required to check locker rooms and spectator areas for any trash and discard of it accordingly.


The Cornerstone Community Center has adopted the Zero Tolerance Policy outlined by USA Hockey and WAHA for all tournaments. Unsportsmanlike conduct, berating officials, players or coaches will not be tolerated. Please remember our tournaments are for everyone’s enjoyment.  

The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR (or in his/her absence- his/her designee) will settle any disputes. The director (or designee) also has the authority to switch to run time or change ice resurfacing schedules if any tournament gets significantly behind the posted schedule.

1)   WAHA and USA Hockey Rules will govern play, except were modified.

2)   Each team must have a certified USA Hockey roster will all participants included, any that do not have age verification listed on the roster please have proof of age documents on hand if needed.  

3)   Period length, penalty enforcement and clock management

∙  Mites/U8, Squirts/U10: 12 minutes, stop time with a 1-minute rest between periods 

Penalty Enforcement: Minor – 1:30 minutes; Major – 3 minutes: Misconduct – 6 minutes

∙  PeeWees/U12, Bantams/U1415 minutes, stop time with a 1-minute rest between periods 

Penalty Enforcement: Minor – 1:30 minutes; Major – 4 minutes; Misconduct – 8 minutes

∙  Clock will go to run-time if:

⮚ Any team has a 6-goal lead. 

⮚ There are a total of 12 penalties (not 12 per team – 12 TOTAL) assessed during a game, unless the score is within ONE goal.  

⮚ If a game exceeds the 1 hour and 20 minutes time allotment unless the score is within ONE goal. Bracketed games that need a winner will be allowed to finish outside of the 1 hour and 20 minute curfew.  

∙  If it’s a one goal game, the game will go back to stop time until the differential goes back to two. The officials will have the authority to stop the clock while run-time is effect.  

∙  When run-time is in effect the clock will also be stopped when a goal is scored, when a penalty is assessed, and for injuries. The clock will be restarted upon the ensuing face-off. Warm-up times will be shortened if tournament is running behind.  

4)   Pool play games may end in a tie. Games that need a winner will go to a 5 minute sudden-death overtime, with 4 on 4. If a winner is still needed, the game will go into a shoot-out of 3 players. If a winner is still needed, one player shot outs will occur until a winner is decided. Including the original 3 players, no players may re-shoot until 9 players have shot.

5)   Ice will be resurfaced at the end of every game. No one will be allowed on the ice until resurfacing is complete, the Zamboni doors are closed, and the refs are back on the ice.

6)   Teams designated as HOME teams will wear white/light-colored jerseys. Teams designated as VISITING teams will wear dark jerseys.

7)   There will be a 3-minute warm-up time prior to the start of each game. This time will begin once resurfacing is completed, the Zamboni doors have closed, and the refs have returned to the ice. Warm-up times may be reduced if tournament is running behind schedule.

8)   We ask that teams be at the rink at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled game time. 

9)   Round Robin/Pool Play points: Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

10) Tie Breakers:  

a.   Head to Head competition, if applicable 

b.   Goals allowed no more than 6 per game will be counted.

c.    Goals scored no more than 6 per game will be counted.

d.   Least penalty minutes

e.   Coin toss.   


12)  Players that receive penalties will need to SIT on the bench in the penalty box though out the duration of that player’s penalty.

Ray Gardner Tussle

Schedule and standings will be posted and updated at Cornerstone.

Schedule & Results


Schedule and standings will be posted and updated at Cornerstone.

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