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Camps and Clinics

Please follow the social distancing guidelines for entry to the Rinks

  • Players will enter and leave from the Rink  doors of only the rink they are scheduled to skate on, Rink 1 lower entrance, Rink 2 lower entrance or Rink 3 main entrance.
  • Players should follow instructions and signage as they enter.
  • Players should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the ice time start, and will need to leave within 10 minutes of their ice time end.
  • Players need to get dressed at home, skates can be put on inside the rink locker rooms, any player that does not want to use the locker rooms may use the open areas in Rink 2 to get skates on.
  • Parents and spectators will not be allowed in the rink or in the lobby areas.
  • Players will need to be able to tie their own skates or where skate guards into the rink. If they need to be tied by a parent or adult, that person should leave as soon as the skates are tied.
  • It is highly recommended that face masks be wore anytime you are in the building and off the ice.
  • Limited public restrooms are available in the locker room 1 and 2 hallway at the west end of the building, no public areas are open, Track closed, Lobbies Closed, private locker rooms for HS teams are closed.




  1. Skill sessions have a minimum requirement of 10 skaters per session or it won’t be offered.
  2. Training Camp has a minimum requirement of 15 participants per session or it won’t be offered
  3. 3 vs 3 Sessions is open to the first 40 skaters + goalies registered

MITE SKILLS SESSION $120.00 will focus on skating, shooting and stick handling.  Instructed by Jay Boxer.

Date Time
7/6/2020 5:00PM
7/13/2020 5:00PM
7/20/2020 5:00PM
7/27/2020 4:00PM
8/3/2020 5:00PM
8/10/2020 5:00PM
8/17/2020 5:00PM
8/24/2020 5:00PM

Click Here to register for Mite Skills!

SQUIRT SKILLS SESSION $120.00 will focus on skating, shooting and stick handling.  Instructed by Jay Boxer. There are two Groups, Group 1 afternoon group and Group 2 the evening group.

Group 1  
7/8/2020 Noon R2
7/15/2020 Noon R2
7/22/2020 Noon R1
7/29/2020 Noon R2
8/5/2020 Noon R2
8/12/2020 Noon R1
8/19/2020 Noon R1
8/26/2020 Noon R1


Group 2

7/8/2020 5:00PM R3
7/15/2020 5:00PM R3
7/22/2020 5:00PM R1
7/29/2020 4:00PM R2
8/5/2020 5:00PM R1
8/12/2020 5:00PM R1
8/19/2020 5:00PM R1
8/26/2020 5:00PM R1

PEEWEE SKILLS SESSION $120.00 will focus on skating, shooting and stick handling.  Instructed by Jay Boxer. There are two Groups, Group 1 afternoon group and Group 2 the evening group.Register for the Squirt Skills Group 1 and 2  here!

Group 1  
7/9/2020 Noon R3
7/16/2020 Noon R2
7/23/2020 11:00AM R2
7/30/2020 Noon R2
8/6/2020 1:00PM R1
8/13/2020 Noon R1
8/20/2020 Noon R1
8/27/2020 Noon R1
Group 2  
7/9/2020 5:00PM R3
7/16/2020 5:00PM R3
7/21/2020 4:00PM R1
7/30/2020 4:00PM R2
8/6/2020 5:00PM R1
8/13/2020 5:00PM R1
8/20/2020 5:00PM R1
8/27/2020 5:00PM R1

Register for the Peewee Skills Group 1 and 2 here!

BANTAM SKILLS SESSION $120.00 will focus on skating, shooting and stick handling.  Instructed by Jay Boxer. There are two Groups, Group 1 afternoon group and Group 2 the evening group.

Group 1  
7/7/2020 Noon R3
7/14/2020 Noon R2
7/21/2020 Noon R1
7/28/2020 11:00AM R2
8/4/2020 Noon R2
8/11/2020 Noon R1
8/18/2020 Noon R1
8/25/2020 Noon R1
Group 2  
7/7/2020 5:00PM R3
7/14/2020 5:00PM R3
7/21/2020 5:00PM R1
7/28/2020 4:00PM R2
8/4/2020 5:00PM R1
8/11/2020 5:00PM R1
8/18/2020 5:00PM R1
8/25/2020 5:00PM R1

Register for the Bantam Skills Group 1 and 2 here!

Turcotte Stick Handling

Aug. 3-6, 2020

Aug. 7-9, 2020




Private Hockey and Skating Lessons

Private lessons for hockey skills and skating skills

can be made by appointment only.

Please contact Jay Boxer at 403-2000 or

for availability and a list of instructors.


3 on 3 Hockey

New this summer 3 v 3 hockey.  Players will be placed on Teams and play cross ice 3 v 3 games.  Games will move fast and play will be exciting.  Limited to the first 40 skaters and goalies!  Groups for Squirts, Peewee's and Bantams boys and girls! Team jersey Included.

 Squirt 3 vs 3 CANCELLED

Peewee 3 ON 3 $50
7/8/2020 6:00PM R3
7/15/2020 6:00PM R3
7/22/2020 6:00PM R1
7/29/2020 5:00PM R1

Register for Peewee 3v3 here!


Bantam 3 ON 3 $50
7/9/2020 7:00PM R3
7/16/2020 7:00PM R3
7/22/2020 8:00PM R3
7/30/2020 5:00PM R1

Register for Bantam 3v3 here!

MindRight Hockey Training Camp $100.00

Spend the month of August getting ready for Season! Spend each week on the ice for an hour and then 40 min training session in Mindright with their staff there for off ice conditioning and lifting! Separate session for Squirts, Peewees and Bantams.$100.00

Squirt Training Camp $100  
8/4/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/4/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/11/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/11/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/18/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/18/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/25/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/25/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1

Register for Squirt Training Camp here!

Peewee Training Camp $100  
8/5/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/5/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/12/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/12/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/19/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/19/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1
8/26/2020 5:00PM Mind Right  
8/26/2020 6:00PM On -Ice R1

Register for Peewee Training Camp here!

Bantam Training Camp $100  
Date Time  
8/6/2020 6:00PM Mind Right  
8/6/2020 7:00PM On -Ice R1
8/13/2020 6:00PM Mind Right  
8/13/2020 7:00PM On -Ice R1
8/20/2020 6:00PM Mind Right  
8/20/2020 7:00PM On -Ice R1
8/27/2020 6:00PM Mind Right  
8/27/2020 7:00PM On -Ice R1

Register for Bantam Training Camp here!


McCormick Hockey School

June 22-26, 2020

Aug. 7-9, 2020

ADANAC Youth Hockey Camp

The Cornerstone is now able to offer a youth camp the July 13, 15 and 17.  Camp will feature Coaches Tim Coghlin, Andy Brandt,  Greenville Swamp Rabbit Player/Coach Mason Baptista, Gambler Coach Ryan Peterson, Lawerence University Coach Patrick McCadden.

Camp will be an hour and 20 minutes of instruction on July 13, 15, and 17. Each day will feature different coaches on the ice.  Fee $125.00 per skater.

Groups will be Mites, Squirts and Peewees

Space is limited in each group. You must register online below, register for the age group your skater will be in next season.

Mite Group 10am to 11:20pm GROUP FULL

Squirt Group 11:30am to 12:50pm Click here to register for Squirts GROUP FULL

Peewee Group 1pm to 2:30pm Click here to register for Peewees GROUP FULL

St. Norbert Hockey School CANCELED!

St. Norbert College Hockey School

Become a more dynamic player at northeast Wisconsin’s longest-running hockey school!

Boys and girls ages 6-12 can develop their skills in this one-week program. At the rink, in the classroom and in the fitness room, participants will learn how to excel on ice.

All scheduled camps to be held at:
Cornerstone Community Center
1640 Fernando Drive
Ashwaubenon, Wis.

For more information, please call 920-403-3031.

Sessions include power skating, puck skills and game situations in a school taught for more than 25 years by the area’s most experienced instructors. Current and former staff members include:

  • Tim Coghlin, St. Norbert Men’s Hockey head coach
  • Andy Brandt, St. Norbert Men’s Hockey associate head coach
  • Mike Szkodzinski, Lawrence University head coach
  • Luke Strand, Sioux City, USHL
  • Current St. Norbert College players and staff

Snacks and a catered lunch will also be provided. Awards will follow a game during the last ice session.

To register for any of these camps, visit our link below and scroll to the dates of your desired camp. If you register before March 31, take $50 off the registration fee.

Players School Registration

Northeast Wisconsin’s Premier Players Hockey School

Monday, July 13-Friday, July 17, 2020

  • Group 1: Peewees (born in 2008 or 2009), 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • Group 2: Squirts (born in 2010 or 2011), 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • Group 3: Mites (born in 2012 or 2013), 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Cost: $450 (includes daily snack, lunch and jersey)

Groups are limited to the first 32 skaters per age.

Cost for goalies is $250, with a limit of four goalies per group.